Mantic ER2 Single Disc Clutch & Steel Billet Flywheel

Mantic ER2 Single Disc Clutch & Steel Billet Flywheel
Mantic ER2 Single Disc Clutch & Steel Billet Flywheel
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Mantic Street with ER² is a Clutch Kit specifically designed for the Performance Market. It is new and unique due to the following combination of features;

  • Capable of transmitting greater than 60% more torque than a standard Clutch Kit making it suitable for high performance vehicles. This overall Torque Capacity increase has been achieved by higher clamp loads, increased Mean Effective Radius of the friction area, better cooling of the pressure plate and higher coefficient of friction materials on the Clutch disc. These design innovations directly equate to higher Torque capacity.

  • Patented Pressure Plate ER² design. The groove design enhances the performance in 2 ways. Firstly it increases the Torque Capacity of the Cover Assembly by up to 8% and secondly it assists with cooling which in-turn enables the friction material to operate at lower temperatures and therefore at a higher coefficient of friction. Again this enhances the torque capacity of the clutch. High strength anti burst SG Iron material used for the Pressure Plate. Performance vehicles typically operate at higher RPM than standard vehicles. To ensure there is no possibility of failure of the pressure plate at these high RPMs it has been manufactured from SG or Spheroidal Graphite Iron. This is 3 times stronger than the standard Grey Cast Iron.

  • Increased clamp load. By altering the pivot point of the pressure plate higher clamp loads have been achieved. This directly equated to higher Torque capacity. Increased drive strap strength to cater for heavier down shifting. During normal driving the Straps are in tension and can cope with far more force with this type of loading. However during down shifting heavy compressive loads can be imparted. When this happens the straps can buckle. This is the reason for the higher strength design drive straps.

  • Dual material Clutch disc. The Clutch disc has an standard organic facing ring in contact with the ER2 Pressure Plate and a segmented cerametallic facing on the Flywheel side. The Cerametallic material has a higher coefficient of friction. This increases the Torque capacity of the clutch.

  • Increased Clutch disc Torque Capacity. The Clutch disc has been “Up Sprung” to increase its Torque Capacity. Heavier duty Damper springs have replaced the standard springs so that the increased Torque Capacity of the Cover Assembly can be transmitted through the Clutch disc without the springs bottoming out.

  • Increased Clutch disc Mean Effective Radius. The button shape of the segmented cerametallic facing has the effect of moving the “Mean Effective Radius” further out. This increases the Torque capacity of the clutch. The Cover assembly and Clutch disc are designed as a matched pair. In order to get the most out of a Cover Assembly the Clutch disc compressed thickness must be matched to the Cover Assembly due to the variation of Clamp load as the Clutch disc thickness varies. Mantic Clutch discs and Cover Assemblies have been made to the optimum set up position to obtain the highest clamp load through the life of the Clutch.

  • Decorative and corrosion resistant Cover Assembly finish. Coating of the pressed metal Cover provides an extremely corrosion resistant finish and maintains a bright clean finish that is more acceptable to the customer than the standard raw metal finish.

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